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Rug Doctor Mighty Pro Professional Carpet Cleaning Machine

The Rug Doctor might Pro's powerful functions require just one pass-over cleaning carpets and rugs thanks to its triple-action vibrating brush, which helps reduce time spent on household chores. Its 8m cable allows use across a vast distance meaning there's less need to change the plug location to reach further rooms. The 1200W Rug Doctor Mighty Pro includes a long vacuum hose attachment and 1L of Rug Doctor Carpet Detergent. The Rug Doctor Mighty Pro gives professional results at an affordable price.
£811.20 incl tax

Rug Doctor Odour Remover - 500ml

Rug Doctor’s innovative cleaning solution for foul-smelling carpets or upholstery. The enzymatic formula breaks down odours at their source, leaving you with fresher smelling carpets. Rug Doctor Odour Remover works with or without a cleaning machine. Odour remover's special enzymatic action attacks foul odours at their source. RUG DOCTOR ODOUR REMOVER - 500ml
£3.84 incl tax


Portable Spot Cleaner with a handheld motorised brush for deep down cleaning No more carrying. Comes with wheels and a new retractable handle that allows you to effortlessly wheel the machine to the stain... and back! Size of machine allows easy storage.Ideal IPX4 Splashproof Rated For Outdoor Use In Cars, Caravans and Boats Ideal For Families and Pet Owners!
£172.50 incl tax