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InnuScience H&H 103c Cleaner and Sanitiser Super Concentrate - 5 litre

Passes BS EN1276 with a kill time of only 20 seconds. This Cleaner / Sanitiser has been developed for use on all water washable hard surfaces and does not require rinsing. H&H 103 is a non-perfumed, non-tainting formula ideal for use on all food preparation, handling and serving surfaces. Biodegradable and phosphate free, safe to use on aluminium.
£27.19 incl tax

InnuScience Nu-Cycle 3 Dishwasher Liquid - 5 Litre

Nu-Cycle 3 is designed for automatic dishwashing in professional settings. Its eco-friendly technology provides exceptional rinsing performance in both soft and hard water. Its controlled-foam formula eliminates water spots, reduces drying time and preserves the original appearance of plastics.
£30.34 incl tax

InnuScience Nu-Cycle 7 Washing Up Detergent - 5 litre

Nu-Cycle 7 is a concentrated manual hand washing liquid for use on pots, pans, dishes and glassware. Fragrance-free, dye-free concentrated detergent is specially designed to effectively clean heavily soiled pots & pans.
£5.64 incl tax

InnuScience Nu-Grip Kitchen Degreaser and Floor Cleaner - 5 Litre

Nu-Grip Plus is a nature powered floor degreaser. It is designed to bio-degrade and quickly removes deep-down fats, oils, greases and other grime on floors, also eliminating odours. Nu-Grip Plus leaves a bio-film that continues to bio-degrade fat and leaves floors slip resistant. Furthermore it controls bad odours, eliminates grease build-up and prevents clogging of drain outlets.
£51.64 incl tax

InnuScience Nu-Karpet Kare Carpet and Fabric Cleaner Concentrate - 5 litre

Nu-Karpet Kare is a concentrated biotechnological all in one spotter/ stain remover, carpet and fabric cleaner. It leaves an active bacterial flora that continues to bio-degrade dirt and organic matters, eliminating sources of bad odours.
£54.64 incl tax

Innuscience Nu-Kleen All Food Safe - 5 litre

Nu Kleen All Food Safe is a concentrated all surface cleaner and degreaser for the food sector. It is ideal for food contact surface areas (stainless steel, ceramic tiles, melamine, polymer coated floors, wood, glass, mirrors, granite and marble).
£55.45 incl tax

InnuScience Nu-Multi Odor Counteractant - 5 Litre

Nu-Multi Odor TM is an extremely powerful odour counteractant and drain/ pipe / trap maintainer. This ready to use bacterial formulation eliminates odours and quickly bio- degrades accumulations and other organic residues in grease traps, pipes and drains.
£50.10 incl tax

InnuScience Nu-action3 Concentrated Degreaser - 900ml 033571

Concentrated degreaser / floor cleaner for all non kitchen floor areas.
£29.02 incl tax

InnuScience Nu-action3 Concentrated Degreaser - 5 Litre - 033572

Concentrated degreaser / floor cleaner for all non kitchen floor areas.
£54.66 incl tax

InnuScience Nu-Bioscrub Empty Bottle - 750ml - 019322

Printed bottle for Nu-Bio Scrub 750 ml.
£3.55 incl tax

InnuScience Nu-Bioscrub Washroom Cleaner and Descaler - 5 Litre

Nu-Bio Scrub is a biotechnology based sani cleaner and descaler. This solution combines biodegradable surfactants with extracts from lactic fermentation to break down calcium and magnesium deposits without the need for strong acids or alkalis.
£57.64 incl tax

InnuScience Nu-Bioscrub Washroom Cleaner and Descaler - 900ml

Nu-Bioscrub descales, cleans surfaces and removes soap scum & scale residue in baths, showers, toilets and urinals without damaging the surface or destroying the protective porcelain. it also eliminates bad odours and prevents obstructions in drains and pipes
£18.84 incl tax