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100% Recycled 320 Sheet Toilet Roll (Case of 36)

2 Ply, Width: 90mm, Length: 320 Sheets
£11.75 incl tax

Cheeky Panda 2-ply Kitchen Rolls (Pack of 10)

The Cheeky Panda Kitchen Roll - It's time to make the swap!
£26.40 incl tax

Cheeky Panda 2-Ply Z-Fold Hand Towels (3000 Towels)

Luxuriously soft tissue made from 100% renewable bamboo. Bamboo is the world's fastest-growing plant. Our bamboo is 100% FSC certified and not the same type of bamboo that pandas chomp down on. Naturally hypoallergenic, bamboo was born to love your skin! Free from de-inking chemicals. B.P.A., fragrances, tissues are dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.
£37.30 incl tax

Cheeky Panda Ultra-Sustainable Plastic-Free Bamboo Toilet Tissue, white, - 48 Rolls

The Cheeky Panda toilet tissue is made from 100% FSC certified materials as opposed to an FSC mix which is the case for many regular toilet paper brands. Bamboo grows 20-30 times faster than trees, produces 35% more oxygen and absorbs 35% more carbon dioxide, making it a much more sustainable and eco-friendly material. It is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, odour resistant and hypo-allergenic so it is great for sensitive skin. The cheeky Panda uses waste bamboo to make luxury toilet tissue, giving farmers extra income and creating job opportunities for local workers while offering a more sustainable, healthier toilet paper alternative.
£29.02 incl tax

Jangro Jangromatic Recycled Toilet Roll 92M x 99mm, 2 ply 15600 (Case of 36)

White soft 2ply tissue. Kind to the skin and comfortable to use. 800 sheets per roll. 92M x 99mm
£63.64 incl tax

Katrin 344013 Plus luxury Interleaved One Stop hand towels, 3-Ply, white (Pack of 1890)

Self-presenting towels, one sheet at a time which is hygienic and helps to reduce consumption Suitable for medium to high traffic areas Certified under the Nordic and EU Eco Labels 90 towels per sleeve, 21 sleeves per case (1890 towels)
£39.13 incl tax

Katrin Centrefeed Hand Towel Coreless 1ply - White - 47535 (Pack of 6)

An extra soft, strong hand drying roll of the highest quality for effective drying. 1-Ply, white. Suitable for medium to high usage in more exclusive public environments. The roll is coreless, which simplifies the refilling of dispensers.
£38.27 incl tax

Katrin Classic M2 Hand Towel Roll 2-Ply White (Pack of 6) - 481911

For use with the Katrin Inclusive Centrefeed M Dispenser, these Katrin Classic Hand Towels Rolls have high strength for effective drying and cleaning of any spillages. Compared to traditional rolls, these centrefeed rolls give you a more efficient dispensing action to maintain hygiene standards. The 2-ply white paper is approved for use in direct contact with food. Each 152m long roll contains 400 sheets measuring 205 x 380mm. Pack of 6 rolls.
£30.72 incl tax

Katrin Classic System M2 Hand Towel, White (Pack of 6) - 46010

A hygienic solution based on extremely absorbent mixed fibre paper for effective drying. 2 ply, white, flat sheets are fed out in the right size. Zero wastage with all the paper on the rolled used up.
£48.23 incl tax

Katrin Coreless 2-Ply Centrefeed Hand Towels - 44861

An extra soft, strong hand drying roll of the highest quality for effective drying 2-Ply, white Suitable for medium to high usage in more exclusive public environments The roll is coreless, which simplifies the refilling of dispensers Approved for short-term contact with food Certified under the Nordic Swan Eco Label
£31.76 incl tax

Katrin Eco Classic Toilet Rolls (Pack of 36) - 103424

Case of 36 - The Katrin Classic System Toilet 800 ECO is a soft quality toilet paper, but what makes it really effective for your high traffic washroom, are the very large roll size (800 sheets) of the toilet tissue and the fact the Katrin System Toilet Dispenser holds 2 rolls. Controlled dispensing, and self-presenting sheets reduce consumption and improve hygiene. All Katrin toilet papers are made from high-quality fibres and have been proven, via Dissolving test 90 seconds, Metsä Tissue 02 method, to break down and dissolve quickly and efficiently in water, under normal usage conditions.
£38.18 incl tax

Katrin One Stop L3 Hand Towels (1890 Sheets) - 344020

High quality Interleaved (One Stop) hand towels, 3-Ply, white.
£34.01 incl tax