The "big daddy" of the TD range. TD10 is a highly aggressive, concentrated and quick acting toilet cleaner and descaler containing hydrochloric acid.
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Expel as much water as possible from the toilet bowl by pushing it over the S bend using a stiff toilet brush.

Apply neat TD10 on to the surface to be cleaned and under the rim of the toilet bowl.

Allow time to penetrate (7 - 8 minutes contact time), agitate with toilet brush and then flush away, rinsing the brush in the fresh water.

Always wipe off any splashes made and wipe out toilet brush holder before replacing brush.


Apply neat TD10 on to the surface to be cleaned and allow 7- 8 minutes contact time.

Agitate with toilet brush or abrasive pad.

Rinse well any metals fittings, switch on automatic flushing system and leave urinals to flush automatically.

Building and Civil Engineering:

For the removal of cement and concrete deposits from quarry tiles, brush TD10 undiluted on to deposits until they dissolve.

To Etch Concrete:

Prior to sealing, or application of a proprietary floor paint, apply 1 part TD10 in 10 parts water with a brush. When effervescence stops rinse thoroughly with fresh water.

Brightening of Corroded Ferrous Metal/Copper:

Immerse the metal in TD10 until the scale is removed, or if this is not practical, brush TD10 onto the corroded surface until the corrosion is reduced.

Brush off loose scale and, when clean rinse thoroughly with fresh water.

To reduce any risk of pitting do not expose metal to TD10 any longer than necessary to remove scale.