Euroshield TD is a revolutionary, transparent, active anti graffiti coating, which does not alter the appearance of the building or structure to which it is applied to. The active ingredients enable it to break down graffiti on contact by delaying its drying time and inhibiting its adhesion thereby preventing it from getting a grip on the treated surface.
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Euroshield is a water based anti graffiti coatings, making it easy and safe to apply without the need for expensive equipment.  It is a three coat system, normally applied with a hand held, or garden type pressure sprayer, consisting of two primer coats and one top coat.  Together they provide a laminate of active ingredients which will remain active, and can protect the surface against graffiti attack for up to 5 years.  Apply Euroshield to exterior painted surfaces by brush or sprayer. Coverage : Depending on surface you should be able to obtain 10-16 square metres per litre per coat. In all cases two coats should be applied. Drying time less than one hour between each coat.



For use on all porous and non-porous surfaces, e.g. brickwork, stone, rendering, painted surfaces, tiles and road signs. Will not damage reflective surfaces.


Directions Long Term Additional Benifits

  • Can be cleaned up with Jet Washer
  • Eliminates need for chemical cleaners.
  • Simply requires high pressure water for graffiti removal.
  • If Jet Washer isn't suitable you can clean up with Graffic Natrol - a non hazardous graffiti remover.  Where pressure washer use is not suitable, allows for localised removal using environmental friendly cleaner Graffic Natrol.
  • Eliminates “patchwork” paint : overcomes all previous attempts to obliterate graffiti with non matching paints.
  • Virtually invisible will not significantly alter or visually emphasise treated areas.
  • Allows surfaces to breathe.

Euroshield Anti Graffiti Coatings should be stored away from children.