Viper AS380B Battery Scrubber Dryer

The AS380/15 is a compact and micro walk-behind scrubber dryer, attractive design, micro size, simple and easy to use, fully equipped and ready to use. With this compact micro scrubber/dryer, you can easily clean the floors in narrow areas. The AS380/15 is easy to use and the handles on the side of the water tank is highly user friendly. The foldable handles make it easy to transport and store the machine. The adjustable handle takes the ergonomic needs of the user into consideration. Furthermore, the AS380/15 is easy to service and maintain.
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Manufacturer: Viper
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  •  Ergonomic, adjustable and foldable handle,
  •  Extremely compact,
  •  Easy to manoeuvre, transport and store,
  •  Easy to use and service
  •  Easy to clean, refill and empty
  •  Suitable for application in a narrow area
  •  Rotationally moulded tank
  •  Robust handle lock
  •  Two tanks system
  •  Battery and Cable versions



12 months warranty


NEW Batteries
Brush Power: 250w
Vacuum Motor Power: 300w
Solution Tank: 15 litres
Recovery Tank: 15 litres
Squeegee Width: 490mm
LxWxH: 780x415x590mm
Operating Weight: 60kg