Vacuum Accessories

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Genuine Nilfisk replacement crevice tool to fit GD 5 models of back pack vacuum cleaner by Nilfisk.
£3.70 incl tax

H13 HEPA Filter

Hepa filter for the compatible with the GD5 & VP300 vacuums.
£27.74 incl tax

i-VAC 6 Replacement Hose

Replacement hose for the i-Vac C06.
£40.27 incl tax

i-Vac C6 Replacement Mains Power Cable 15 Metre

15 Metre replacement mains lead for the i-Vac C06.
£43.00 incl tax

Pacvac 1.2 Meter Hose

This hose assembly comes complete with a 32mm plastic bent handpiece and a screw fit machine end connector. Constructed from durable materials, this 1.2-metre hose allows for convenient reach.
£11.94 incl tax

Pacvac Pre-Motor HEPA Filter

Pacvac's patented, snorkel-like HEPA rated filter allows consistent airflow through the vacuum cleaner as the dust bag fills, keeping the motor cooler and maintaining higher levels of suction for longer. It is easy to remove and replace with the simplistic twist to lock in place design. Pacvac recommends cleaning this filter regularly by simply removing it from the machine and tapping it gently to dislodge any dust. Utilising this filter is essential in ensuring high quality filtration and prolonging the life of the motor.
£20.34 incl tax

Pacvac Vacuum Floor Tool

This floor tool has been designed for use on both low pile carpeted surfaces, as well as on hard floors. Its low profile design and high quality, lightweight construction allows for easy manoeuvring and access around obstacles for a thorough clean. Suited for use with any 32mm vacuum wand.
£11.94 incl tax


This two piece wand is chrome coated, making it both lightweight and durable. Users can adjust their reach accordingly by utilising one or both pieces. Designed with a push fit connection to make assembly simple.
£9.54 incl tax

2.5 meter 38mm Numatic Vacuum Hose - 602102

A 2.5-meter length Numatic Vacuum hose for use with the following models: Henry Micro HVR200M-22, Henry HVR200A, Henry Xtra HVX200A, Hetty HET200A, Charles CVC370-2, Harry HHR200A, MFQ370-22, NQS250B-22, NQS350B-22, NRV200-2, NRV370-22, NRV380-2, NVP180-2, NVP200-2, NVQ200-22, NVQ370-2, NVQ380-22, CRQ370-2, NSP 200A, NSP 180A, NSR 200A, PSP180A, PSP 200A, PSP 370A, PVR 370A, PVR 200A, PVT 390A, PVT 220A, WV370-2, WV380-2, WV470-2.
£45.47 incl tax

32mm Chrome Vacuum Attachment - HE45

32mm fitting chrome bent end tube, complete with suction control collar. Fits a wide range of vacuum cleaner makes and models including Henry, Hetty & James.
£5.90 incl tax


32mm Crevice tool, 240mm long.
£6.82 incl tax

32mm Numatic Round Dusting Brush - 601144

Dusting brush tool suitable for all vacuum cleaners with a 32mm connection.
£6.25 incl tax

32mm Numatic Vacuum Hose - 601101

Suitable for the following appliances: BASIL NB200, HENRY TURBO HVR200T, NQS350B, NVQ370, CHARLES CVC370, HENRY XTRA HVX200, NRV200, NVQ380, EDWARD EVR370, HETTY HET200-22, NRV200-22, NVQ382, GEORGE GVE370, HVC200, NRV370, WV370, HENRY HVR200, HVR200-22, NRV380, WV380, HENRY HVR222, HVR200M-22, NVQ200, WV470, HENRY MICRO HVR200M, MFQ370, NVQ250, WVT370, HENRY PLUS HVR200P, NQS250
£12.60 incl tax


32mm fitting vacuum cleaner chrome extension rod tube for a wide range of vacuum cleaner makes and models including Henry, Hetty, James, Quickclean AS100G/200B. 500mm in length.
£5.90 incl tax

38mm Stainless Steel Vacuum Tubes - 602917

3-piece Stainless Steel Tube Set (38mm)
£63.91 incl tax

A1 Stainless Steel Universal Vacuum Combo Kit - 32mm - 607301

The Vacuum A1 kit is a high-quality non-genuine combo kit for Numatic Henry and Hetty vacuum cleaners. This vacuum cleaner tool kit gives an assortment of attachments. It is suitable to tackle the floors and stairs and most vacuuming requirements.
£20.00 incl tax

BRUSH NOZZLE - 1408244500

Dusting brush nozzle, material plastic, for use with 32mm hose.
£6.70 incl tax

i-Vac Vanilla Scent Cartridge (Pack of 5)

Scented air cartidges for use Ivac. Each cartridge lasts approximately one month.
£20.94 incl tax


Get the right accessory for your cordless dust extraction solution. Efficient HEPA filtration system captures 99.75% of particulates .3 microns and larger Durable construction for long life. Includes 1 filter. For use with Makita Cordless Backpack Vacuum model DVC261ZX11.
£11.86 incl tax


Compatible with Nilfisk Backcuum, Nilfisk 70 GA, Nilfisk 80 GM, Nilfisk 90 GM vacuum cleaners
£21.72 incl tax