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Numatic Nuvac VNP180 Professional Tub Vacuum - 8 litre

Numatic Nuvac Vacuum Cleaner VNP180 NUVAC Numatic Vacuum Cleaner with this vacuums accessories are to full professional size and specification and the vacuum design is great for Domestic, Commercial & Industrial environments.
£105.98 incl tax

Nilfisk VP300 HEPA Basic Commercial Tub Vacuum - 10 Litres

The Nilfisk VP300 HEPA is the latest member of the VP300 series of basic commercial vacuum cleaners, suitable for everyday cleaning of light to medium duty applications such as offices, hotel rooms, retail stores, etc.
£94.51 incl tax

i-Vac C5 Battery Powered Commercial Tub Vacuum

The i-vac 5 is a powerhouse machine that gets the job done. A well trusted name in the community, the i-vac 5 has surprised every user with its proven mobility, design and power. The i-vac 5 is used for office, carpet, household, cabinet, wardrobes, and more cleaning. Battery powered machines are also available!
£190.43 incl tax

i-Vac C6 Heavy Duty Commercial Tub Vacuum

The IVAC 6 is ideal for professional use. Users of the I-VAC have found that the innovative design significantly reduces workplace damage as a result of several new fantastic features including patented Whizzosystem which whistles when bag needs changed. Simple maintenance design allows the power cable to be easily changed and only 4 screws & 2 minutes will replace a motor.
£203.99 incl tax


The Nilfisk VP600 vacuum cleaner offers a wide range of features to choose from and you can find exactly the variant that fits your specific cleaning job. The dual speed function and low sound level makes the machine ideal for daytime cleaning in hotels, restaurants, offices and institutions. HEPA filter is standard to ensure a clean work environment.
£291.82 incl tax


The VP100 offers you a simple cleaning solution. An intuitive design with simple operation ensures that VP100 can be used with very little instruction
£118.80 incl tax

Commercial Cordless Numatic Vacuum NBV190-2 36V

There are many occasions when cordless professional cleaning is the most simple solution in difficult circumstances, avoiding any conflict with the public and concerns in complying with increasing issues of Health and Safety and increasing regulations in such applications as the cleaning of aircraft.
£641.08 incl tax


Vacuum cleaner for users needing great suction power and ease of use. That is Nilfisk-CFM GM80!
£598.80 incl tax

Numatic NRV240 Commercial Tub Vacuum Cleaner - 9L - NRV 200-11

The Numatic NRV vacuum cleaner is compact and convenient and has four-wheel mobility for easy use. It has a capacity of 9 litres so that it can capture all the unwanted dirt. This vacuum cleaner is much more than a pretty face, it is a fully professional machine that will keep your home or office dust and dirt free. Offers Tritex filtration, extended commercial 12.5m cable rewind and storage system. Also features ProFlo technology for reduced energy consumption without hindering performance on carpets and hard floors. Protective bumper skirt.
£127.19 incl tax

Numatic ERP180 Eco Vacuum - ReFlo Technology - 240v - Professional Cleaning Vacuum

The Numatic ERP180 has been engineered from the highest quality, recycled material using Numatic's innovative, environmentally sustainable ReFlo Technology. ReFlo Technology uses high-quality recycled, post-industrial material from the automotive industry, which is diverted from landfill or incineration. The ERP180 is also made from up to 75% of the highest quality, recycled material; equipped with our highest efficiency motor yet; and delivering the same high-performance, high-quality and long-lasting Numatic results as always… the ERP180 is designed, engineered and built for sustainable productivity.
£112.82 incl tax

Numatic NBV240NX Pro Cordless Vacuum - Complete With 2x NX300 Batteries

Equipped with Numatic's new NX300 36V Battery Technology and 350W digital brushless motor, the NBV240NX is engineered to deliver powerful cordless cleaning, yet deliver up to 80 minutes of cordless freedom and a 40% increase in airflow and suction. All from a compact, convenient and versatile design. The NBV240NX is perfect for daily cleaning and safe operation in public areas, maximising productivity with powerful and professional cleaning results.
£793.28 incl tax