Toucan Eco III - 1 Litre Cleaner Disinfectant and Sanitiser Generator

Revolutionary new bio-cleaner that means you can stop using 80% of chemical cleaners and disposing of the single-use plastic bottles they come in. The Toucan Eco III model is designed for cleaning in the home and workplaces. This device makes one litre of eco-friendly antibacterial fluid. The Toucan Eco 111 makes one litre of eco-friendly antibacterial multi-surface cleaner that kills up to 99.999% of germs from just water, salt and electricity.
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Simply fill the container with tap water, add salt, stir around seven to eight times then press to activate, which will take around five minutes.

The kit includes the one-litre activation unit, measuring spoon, mixing rod, spray bottle and some salt to get you started.

The Toucan Eco components of water and salt, when activated, produce a solution which is non-toxic and non-hazardous to people, animals and the environment.

Stringent tests undertaken by EU accredited independent laboratories and university research departments have shown it is 99.999% effective against all forms of microorganisms with a very fast contact time. It even kills Coronavirus. 


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