Tersano PROscrub RTD 2X 3.75 Litre

Powerful yet safe, PROscrub lifts years of built-up chemical residues, dirt, grime and grease in just minutes. Use PROscrub to complement your daily SAO cleaning regimen. As an NSF registered product, it is safe for use around food and has an SDS safety rating better than most deep cleaners and degreasers. PROscrub is ideal for virtually any hard surface including ceramic, tile, metal, industrial flooring and heavy-duty equipment. It's particularly effective on grout and in other crevices where dirt and grime have accumulated over time. An automatic dilution system like the PROscrub Portable Dispenser (LPSDISP) required.
SKU: W30161
Manufacturer: Tersano
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  • PROscrub RTD is a deep cleaner and degreaser available in Ready-to-Dispense, 2X1 gallon bottle concentrate. 
  • PROscrub will lift years of built-up chemical residues, dirt, grime, and grease.


  • PROscrub RTD is an NSF registered product, safe for use around food, and SDS rating better than competitive chemicals at 1-0-0-B.
  • An automatic dilution system required.