Specialist Vacuums

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The new cordless power sweeper by Fimap offers you the same readiness and handiness of a broom, but you won’t bend down or struggle to pick up the dirt anymore!
£258.00 incl tax


The iRobot Roomba 965 Vacuum Cleaning Robot cleans your floors for you. Just push the ‘clean’ button and off it goes. Alternatively you can schedule the machine to clean as required up to seven times per week. After 75 minutes of cleaning it will make its way to the recharging point and recharge as necessary.
£799.00 incl tax

Nilfisk ATTIX 50-21 PC AntiStatic Clean Room Wet & Dry Vacuum

ATTIX 50 will solve all major tasks in your company, workshop, garage, production etc. The Push&Clean or next-generation XtremeClean fully automatic filter cleaning system offers an impressive cleaning performance and keeps the suction performance constantly high.
£1,596.88 incl tax

SpaceVac 452 Internal Vacuum Kit - Includes Camera

The SpaceVac Internal Kit contains everything you need to get started cleaning at height internally, from the safety of the ground. SpaceVac is the leading high-level cleaning system and is being enjoyed by clients across the globe.
£2,508.00 incl tax

Numatic CRQ370-2 Cleanroom Class 100 Compact Vacuum Cleaner - 230v

The Numatic CRQ370-2 Cleanroom vacuum is perfect for use in hospitals, doctors surgeries, vet practices, and any application where dust particles can not be circulated. A careful design has ensured that the 5-stage HEPA filtration module has been included without any extra size being added to the vacuum. All-steel deep-drawn power head contains a powerful 780W Twinflo motor, enough for any task.
£530.00 incl tax