PROCHEM RED RX - 1 Litre E400

Developed exclusively to remove red food colourings, carbonated drinks, fruit juices and wine stains from carpet and fabrics.
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Apply Red Rx directly to stain only using the nozzle applicator.

Avoid contact with surrounding carpet or fabric.

For larger stains, Red Rx can be diluted with an equal part of water and applied by trigger sprayer.

Blot treated area with a white towel or tissue and check for stain colour transfer. Repeat until there is no further improvement.

Do not rub it may cause pile distortion or texture change.

For difficult stains, apply Red Rx to stain only, then dampen a clean white towel with water and place folded damp towel on treated stain.

Place a household steam iron, set on high heat, on top of folded damp towel only for 10 to 20 seconds.

Do not allow iron to contact carpet or fabric. Remove iron and inspect towel for stain colour transfer.

Repeat process using a clean section of towel until there is no further improvement.

Red RX has been developed exclusively to remove from carpet and fabrics:

  • Red food colouring, carbonated drinks, fruit juices, wine stains, some ink and dye stains.
  • Effective with wet towel and hot iron method as directed on label.
  • Straw liquid with lemon fragrance.

pH: 8.5