Low VOC formula concentrate with anti-soil properties for effective spray cleaning of carpets in conjunction with rotary carpet bonnet pads.
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Dilute 1 part B110 Bonnet-Buff with 16 parts of warm to hot water (300ml per 5 litres of water).

Always pretest carpet for colour fastness with ready-to-use solution before proceeding.

Apply solution by pressure sprayer fitted with a fan jet at approximately 30 to 40 psi (2 to 3 bar). Do not over wet.

Apply approximately 5 litres of mixed solution over an area of 30 to 50 square metres, depending upon soil level.

Follow up with low speed rotary machine with a soil absorbent or micro-fibre bonnet pad.

When pad becomes soiled, reverse or soak in warm water and wring out before re-use.

For heavier soils, the pad may be pre-soaked in solution then lightly squeezed in a mop wringer before use.

Re-set pile with carpet pile brush or groomer rake and replace furniture on pads or blocks.

Bonnet-Buff is a maintenance carpet care product for use on light to moderate surface soils.

  • Ideal for regular, low-cost maintenance of traffic areas in commercial areas.
  • Clear liquid with a lemon and lavender fragrance.

pH Concentrate: 9.0

pH Diluted: 9.0