Pacvac began operations in Perth, Western Australia, in 1978. Pacvac's commercial backpack vacuum cleaners are the professional cleaning industry's choice for high performance vacuuming. Their ergonomic design makes their machines the lightest and most comfortable backpack vacuum cleaners available.


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Pacvac Superpro 700 Backpack Vacuum - 230v

The Superpro 700 series is efficient, durable and is the result of over 30 years of innovative design and development, making them the australian cleaning industry's first choice in backpack vacuum cleaners. Their performance is also matched by their comfort. The Superpro 700 series is fitted with a world standard ergonomically designed harness, HEPA rated Hypercone filtration and provides cleaners with an effortless and healthy cleaning experience.
£238.80 incl tax


Pacvac’s Superpro trans 700 is designed for use on large transportation vessels which utilise a 400 hertz power supply, such as planes, ships and trains. The lightweight and compact design makes cleaning in confined areas quick and easy.
£394.64 incl tax

Pacvac 700 Battery Powered Cordless Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

Pacvac's latest cordless innovation has been designed with leading-edge battery power and brushless motor technology, delivering a superior combination of freedom, efficiency and productivity.
£834.00 incl tax

Pacvac Velo Lightweight Battery Powered Cordless Backpack Vacuum

The Pacvac Velo cordless backpack vacuum cleaner is the ultimate performer delivering high levels of convenience with its compact design and low weight. Developed with advanced battery technology and a 250w brushless motor, this lightweight backpack vacuum only weighs 4.6Kgs.
£598.80 incl tax


Pacvac Superpro 700 mains cable 18 metre mains cable suitable for the Pacvac superpro 700 Cable has a right angled IEC plug For Pacvac products, this extra long mains cable means you can reach much further without the need to unplug and move - more time vacuuming to get the job done faster!
£23.94 incl tax


This two piece wand is chrome coated, making it both lightweight and durable. Users can adjust their reach accordingly by utilising one or both pieces. Designed with a push fit connection to make assembly simple.
£9.54 incl tax

Pacvac 1.2 Meter Hose

This hose assembly comes complete with a 32mm plastic bent handpiece and a screw fit machine end connector. Constructed from durable materials, this 1.2-metre hose allows for convenient reach.
£11.94 incl tax

Pacvac 700 Hypercone Paper Bag (Pack of 10)

These disposable vacuum dust bags have been designed to provide an additional level of filtration for better dust retention and easy disposal. It must be used in conjunction with a reusable dust bag.
£10.74 incl tax

Pacvac Pre-Motor HEPA Filter

Pacvac's patented, snorkel-like HEPA rated filter allows consistent airflow through the vacuum cleaner as the dust bag fills, keeping the motor cooler and maintaining higher levels of suction for longer. It is easy to remove and replace with the simplistic twist to lock in place design. Pacvac recommends cleaning this filter regularly by simply removing it from the machine and tapping it gently to dislodge any dust. Utilising this filter is essential in ensuring high quality filtration and prolonging the life of the motor.
£20.34 incl tax

Pacvac Vacuum Floor Tool

This floor tool has been designed for use on both low pile carpeted surfaces, as well as on hard floors. Its low profile design and high quality, lightweight construction allows for easy manoeuvring and access around obstacles for a thorough clean. Suited for use with any 32mm vacuum wand.
£11.94 incl tax

Replacement 18v Pacvac Lithium Ion Battery

18v 6.0a Li-on Battery Bp001 - Pacvac Battery
£151.63 incl tax