MotorScrubber STORM - Battery Powered Backpack Sanitiser Sprayer With Ultra Lightweight Lance

The brand new Motorscrubber Storm propels a fine mist that rains down to deliver fast and efficient surface coverage. With a choice of 40 micron and 80-micron spray jets, Motorscrubber Storm is perfect for use with disinfectants and sanitisers where large surface coverage is required for decontamination and infection control projects.
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The Motor Scrubber Storm is a ballistic virus killer designed to quickly sanitise and disinfect surfaces and rooms with ease from a safe distance.

This kit comes complete with the portable backpack kit which allows for on the go disinfecting of surfaces and areas. The backpack is comfortable and lightweight (weighing at 5.3Kg at full capacity), meaning no strain on users backs or arms. The backpack has a run time of 1 hour and 50 minutes at continuous usage and 3 hours theoretical usage with an 8 hour charge time overnight.

The Storm is an attachment that can also be used for the existing Motor Scrubber Jet which will convert your scrubbing machine through military-grade connections into a sprayer within seconds. Much like a fogger, the Storm generates a fine mist from a disinfectant solution which is sprayed onto surfaces through a high-speed nozzle that kills germs on contact. Super ergonomic rubber grip provides maximum control and comfort when in use. Easy press and go system allows for quick dispensing of disinfectant without wasting any solution.

Key features:

  • Targeted mist spray on demand
  • Use with any disinfectant (check disinfectant is effective against Coronavirus)
  • Super lightweight - 5.3kg at full capacity
  • Quick nozzle change - easy to clean and maintain
  • Coiled cable and solution pipe for added
  • Easy push-fit connections for maintenance
  • Belt holster on the rbackpack to store Storm wand
  • Can be used safely during the day which won't affect fire alarms
  • Give customers peace of mind - seeing you be proactive in virus control