Katrin System Plus 2-Ply Hand Towel (Pack of 6) - 46005

A case of six thick & soft tissue for hygienic hand drying embossed white 2-ply tissue extra rapid absorption rate and high absorption capacity Strong for efficient drying superior quality.
SKU: W22368
Manufacturer: KATRIN
£45.12 incl tax
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A hygienic solution based on high-quality paper for effective drying

  • 2-Ply, white
  • Flat sheets are fed out in the right size
  • Zero wastage with all the paper on the rolled used up
  • A large amount of paper on the roll
  • Suitable for all washrooms but especially where their high traffic
  • Soft and strong
  • Controlled consumption and reduced cost in use
  • Approved for direct contact with food
  • Certified under the Nordic Swan Eco-Label
  • Certified under the EU Flower Eco-Label