i-team Global focuses on the development & design of high-end cleaning machines, products and utilities. Ranging from scrubber dryers, vacuum cleaners, gum removers, lighting solutions, microfibre pads and all-in-one cleaning islands.

 Since the 1960’s there has been little change to the scrubber drier. In order to improve the cleaning industry, they believe change is essential. That's why i-team global started to study cleaning like an anthropologist. By observing the way buildings are cleaned, uncovering frustrations, seeing where time is wasted and looking at the complexity of machines, they were able to come to fundamental new insights.

With these insights, the i-team developed the i-mop, a renowned example of innovation. This compact machine solves problems of floor cleaning systems by combining the flexibility of a floor mop with the power and speed of industrial scrubber driers. Through innovation, they keep on improving our products. Not just designed for cleaning, but most of all for the cleaner.

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BLACK IMOP PADS (Pack of 10)

i-Mop™ Scrubbing Pad — Black. - Pack of 10.
£34.03 incl tax

BLUE IMOP PADS (Pack of 10)

i-Mop™ Scrubbing Pad — Blue. - Pack of 10.
£39.54 incl tax

GREEN IMOP PADS (Pack of 10)

i-Mop™ Scrubbing Pad — Green. - Pack of 10.
£34.03 incl tax

i-Charge 2 Battery Charger For All i-Power Batteries - I-Mop, i-Gum, i-Vac

i-chargers are made to charge the i-power batteries in a short amount of time. The quick exchange i-power battery system makes i-Team battery-powered machines a real cleaning workforce. Compatible with all i-Power Machines such as the i-Mop, i-Gum and i-Vac - Batteries not included.
£269.68 incl tax