Greenspeed Strong Clean 5 Litre

Made with renewable, vegetable-based ingredients, the solution is highly sustainable and free from potentially harmful substances such as chlorine compounds and petroleum-based detergents. This makes the degreaser extremely kind to your staff and the environment, improving the green credentials of your cleaning operation.
SKU: W30034
Manufacturer: Greenspeed
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General commercial kitchen cleaner for daily use.
- Ecological all-purpose cleaner and degreaser.
- Use in commercial kitchens and the food industry.
- Can be used on worktops, walls, doors, floors, ovens, and all kitchen appliances and utensils.
- No perfumes or colouring agents.
- EU Ecolabel & Cradle to Cradle.



Manual cleaning: Prepare a 0.6% solution by adding 30 ml of concentrate to a bucket of 5L water. Clean the surface and rinse with water. Floor cleaning: Prepare a 0.6% solution by adding 50ml of concentrate to a bucket of 8L water. Clean the floor with a mop. Double the concentration for heavily soiled floors. Rinse after cleaning.