Greenspeed Probio Multi 1ltr Probiotic Multi Surface Cleaner

A Probiotic cleaning product that harnesses the power of nature to break down dirt and gradually build a layer of good bacteria to keep grime at bay! Made from bio-degradable substances in packaging made from 25% recycled plastic and 75% plant plastic. - For cleaning water-resistant surfaces (e.g. Furniture, doors, windows, etc.). - Cleans surfaces and actively combats odours. - Fresh parfum. - EU Ecolabel & Cradle to Cradle Certified GOLD.
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Shake well before use. Prepare a 0.5 % solution by adding 25 ml (2 dosing caps) of Probio Multi to a bucket containing 5 l of water, or 40 ml (4 dosing caps) to 8 l of water. Clean the surface with a sponge or cloth. Rinsing is not necessary. The concentration can be increased in case of heavy soiling to 1 %.