Floor Polishers / Scrubbers

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MotorScubber Handy

The highly compact and durable MotorScrubber Handy is waterproof by design making it ideal for use in kitchens, bathrooms and vehicle cleaning. Its ergonomic design allows the user to work effectively and comfortably without tiring.
£89.88 incl tax


These rotaries offer exceptional handling and productivity for cleaning and polishing hard floors, with an optional solution tank for wet scrubbing. Making light work of virtually every floor type, the Orbis eco range is ideal for retail, education and healthcare facilities.
£718.80 incl tax

Truvox Orbis Compact 280mm Rotary Floor Buffer

With a 28 cm cleaning diameter, this rotary floor cleaner offers an effective solution for smaller and confined areas. Easy to use, the Orbis Compact features clear, simple controls and an in-line motor making the machine easy to manoeuvre.
£778.80 incl tax

MotorScrubber M3 Complete

Motor Scrubber is a battery-operated 8inch scrubbing machine designed for cleaning all those areas where the larger machines can't reach.
£598.80 incl tax


Ideal for high-speed polishing, scrubbing and spray cleaning of hard floors. The balance is excellent and the solid aluminium construction provides durability and extended life.
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Truvox Orbis 400 380mm Rotary Floor Polisher

Orbis range of single disc rotaries offer exceptional handling and cost effective solution for cleaning and scrubbing hard floors.
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Truvox Orbis 400 Rotary Floor Polisher - 450mm

Orbis range of single disc rotaries offer exceptional handling and cost-effective solution for cleaning and scrubbing hard floors.
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Nilfisk FM400D Dual Speed Rotary Floor Polishing Machine

FM400 D offers the choice of either 185 or 370 rpm for easy, efficient and cost-effective maintenance of virtually all floors. Built for standard and medium-duty use, this unit handles stripping or scrubbing as well as high-speed spray cleaning or polishing.
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Numatic HFM 1515G Heavy Duty Floor Scrubber, Rotary Machine

With its enhanced power and performance, the Hurricane HFM 1515 provides a genuine “workhorse” that will take almost anything in its stride. The full 1500 Watt motor unit packs almost 50% more power than normally required and this power is transmitted to the floor through our long-established 150rpm, oil-filled, low load, planetary gearbox.
£720.00 incl tax

Numatic Hurricane HFT1530G Dual Speed Floor Scrubber & Polisher

The HFT model is fitted with the Hurricane dual-motor rated at 1000W/1250W providing optimised power options at the two different operating speeds. For scrubbing you want 150rpm but for polishing, 300rpm will give quicker and better results.
£1,026.00 incl tax