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Ideal degreaser for use throughout the kitchen. Emulsifies cooking oil, ideal for cleaning deep fat fryers. Contains no solvents, no acids or caustics. Odourless, will not taint food stuffs - safe for use in food processing areas. Controlled foam, no excessive rinsing required.
£7.66 incl tax

Jangro Heavy Duty Concentrated Cleaner, 5 Litre - F052, BA060-5

Heavy-duty detergent for the general cleaning of floors, walls and hard surfaces. A concentrated liquid that cuts through oil and grease.
£9.60 incl tax

Bryta Cleaner & Degreaser, 5-litre

Formulated to penetrate, lift and dissolve animal fats, grease, blood, protein and other ground-in soilage without hard scrubbing. Ideal for use on floors, walls, equipment, utensils and all other washable surfaces in kitchens, bakeries, meat-cutting rooms, and all other areas where food is prepared or consumed.
£23.65 incl tax


Professional Deepio is powerful powder degreaser for cleaning greasy surfaces in professional kitchens. Handle all your kitchen grease problems with one-product detergent! Highly effective for degreasing kitchen floors, work surfaces, walls, kitchen equipment, cookers, hoods, fryers, pots, pans, utensils and table ware. Suitable for food contact surfaces.
£19.48 incl tax


Powerful multi surface cleaner and degreaser. Cuts through grease and removes ingrained soil. Approved for altro flooring. For use on floors, walls, cooker hoods and ovens - ideal in kitchens and the food industry.
£13.82 incl tax

Solupak Degreaser Cleaner - Pack of 10

Powerful degreaser formulated to clean and degrease all washable surfaces. For use in food safe areas. Simply drop one sachet into a 750Ml spray bottle and use.
£5.86 incl tax


Ideal for deep cleaning. Removes burnt on fat and protein from cookers and extraction hoods. Aluminium Safe. Washrooms - Removes body fat from tiles and shower trays, mildew from grout.
£2.78 incl tax

Greenspeed Strong Clean 5 Litre

Made with renewable, vegetable-based ingredients, the solution is highly sustainable and free from potentially harmful substances such as chlorine compounds and petroleum-based detergents. This makes the degreaser extremely kind to your staff and the environment, improving the green credentials of your cleaning operation.
£24.90 incl tax

Tersano PROscrub RTD 2X 3.75 Litre

Powerful yet safe, PROscrub lifts years of built-up chemical residues, dirt, grime and grease in just minutes. Use PROscrub to complement your daily SAO cleaning regimen. As an NSF registered product, it is safe for use around food and has an SDS safety rating better than most deep cleaners and degreasers. PROscrub is ideal for virtually any hard surface including ceramic, tile, metal, industrial flooring and heavy-duty equipment. It's particularly effective on grout and in other crevices where dirt and grime have accumulated over time. An automatic dilution system like the PROscrub Portable Dispenser (LPSDISP) required.
£150.00 incl tax

SoluPak Degreaser Floor Cleaner - 8 Packs of 30 Sachets

A powerful degreaser formulated to clean and degrease all washable surfaces. For use on all food safe surfaces. Contains strong grease-cutting components. Packed into resealable and recyclable waterproof stand up pouches.
£25.34 incl tax