Cordless Vacuums

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The new cordless power sweeper by Fimap offers you the same readiness and handiness of a broom, but you won’t bend down or struggle to pick up the dirt anymore!
£191.04 incl tax

Makita DCL180ZB Battery Powered Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Complete with 2x Batteries and Charger

Models DCL180 are handy cordless cleaners of cloth filtration type powered by Makita Li-ion battery. Strong suction power and Large dust capacity for heavy-duty applications. Low noise design ideal for quiet cleaning operation in job sites among residential areas. Rubberized soft grip for reduced hand fatigue even in long continuous use.
£282.00 incl tax


The Makita Backpack Vacuum (DVC261ZX11) is a cordless backpack vacuum cleaner powered by two 18V Li-ion batteries in series. (Includes disposable bag)
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The iRobot Roomba 965 Vacuum Cleaning Robot cleans your floors for you. Just push the ‘clean’ button and off it goes. Alternatively you can schedule the machine to clean as required up to seven times per week. After 75 minutes of cleaning it will make its way to the recharging point and recharge as necessary.
£799.00 incl tax

Pacvac 700 Battery Powered Cordless Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

Pacvac's latest cordless innovation has been designed with leading-edge battery power and brushless motor technology, delivering a superior combination of freedom, efficiency and productivity.
£834.00 incl tax

Commercial Cordless Numatic Vacuum NBV190-2 36V

There are many occasions when cordless professional cleaning is the most simple solution in difficult circumstances, avoiding any conflict with the public and concerns in complying with increasing issues of Health and Safety and increasing regulations in such applications as the cleaning of aircraft.
£641.08 incl tax

Numatic RSB140 Cordless Back Pack Battery Vacuum Cleaner

Across the globe applications of the Numatic RucSac vacuum continue to grow year on year.
£700.00 incl tax

Makita DCL180ZB Battery Powered Vacuum Cleaner

The Makita DCL180ZB Vacuum Cleaner is an all-round great solution to vacuuming, it provides a strong suction power and has a more than adequate collection area for dust and other bits it cleans up. As a battery-powered machine, the DCL180ZB is not noisy and is appropriate for on-site or at home use. Ergonomic design features such as the handle and manoeuvrability of the vacuum make it a great choice. Powered by the 18v Li-Ion battery platform.
£51.78 incl tax

Numatic NBV240NX Pro Cordless Vacuum - Complete With 2x NX300 Batteries

Equipped with Numatic's new NX300 36V Battery Technology and 350W digital brushless motor, the NBV240NX is engineered to deliver powerful cordless cleaning, yet deliver up to 80 minutes of cordless freedom and a 40% increase in airflow and suction. All from a compact, convenient and versatile design. The NBV240NX is perfect for daily cleaning and safe operation in public areas, maximising productivity with powerful and professional cleaning results.
£793.28 incl tax