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Extraction Plus Prochem Carpet Detergent - 5 litre - S775

Professional low foam emulsifier for carpet soil extraction machines. Improved formulation with increased detergency and heat stability. Rapidly penetrates and suspends soils for complete extraction and prevention of re-soiling. Fluorescent green liquid with citrus fragrance. Multi-lingual label.
£12.43 incl tax

Prochem Doubleclean Heavy-Duty Carpet Extraction Detergent - 4KG - S776

A concentrated heavy-duty extraction detergent, formulated for optimum performance in cleaning heavily soiled carpets. Double Clean contains high quality anionic and non-ionic surfactants, alkaline builders and corrosion inhibitor.
£38.35 incl tax

Prochem Crystal Green Carpet Extraction Detergent - 4KG - S777

Prochem's premium non-ionic carpet extraction detergent for spectacular results on tough, oily and greasy soils.
£37.20 incl tax


An additive specially formulated to control detergent foam. Prevents accumulation of foam in wet pick up tanks.
£12.24 incl tax

Jangro C034 Selfoam H.E. Woolsafe Approved Hot Water Cleaner – 5 Litre

Rapid dirt removal. Suitable for all makes of hot/cold water extraction machines. Low foam for ease of pick up. Pleasantly perfumed. No unpleasant after odour. Suitable for use on wool carpets. ‘Selfoam HE’ is a specially formulated cleaner suitable for woven and non-woven carpets of synthetic and natural fibres when used in conjunction with a water extraction machine.
£7.56 incl tax


Plush / Selfoam is a specially formulated cleaner suitable for woven and non-woven carpets of synthetic and natural fibres when used in conjunction with a water extraction machine. Also safe and effective for the cleaning of upholstery fabrics especially car seats.
£2.11 incl tax

Jangro Selfoam Dry Foam Carpet Shampoo/Cleaner - 5 Lites - C005

Active foam suspends dirt then dries to a non-sticky powder which is readily vacuumed away. Foam cleaning prevents the soaking of carpets and ensures quick drying. Safe on all fast dye carpets. Does not leave sticky deposits. Cleans brightens and helps prevent re-soiling of carpets. Selfoam is suitable for use with all types of brush operated carpet machines. 5 litres.
£7.10 incl tax


A high performance fast action multi-purpose foam cleaner suitable for a wide range of application. e.g. fabric seats, carpets, head rests, headlinings, door fascia, plastics, plus a wide range of household and office items. Light fragrance freshens as it cleans.
£2.81 incl tax

Prochem B106 Extraclean - 5 Litre

• Carpet, rug & upholstery extraction cleaner • Advanced micro-encapsulation formula with anti-resoiling technology. • Lemon breeze fragrance with odour neutraliser. • Makes 500 litres of ready-to-use cleaning solution. • WOOLSAFE approved maintenance product for wool carpets and rugs.
£16.56 incl tax

Prochem B110 Bonnet-Buff 5 Litre

Low VOC formula concentrate with anti-soil properties for effective spray cleaning of carpets in conjunction with rotary carpet bonnet pads.
£36.00 incl tax

Prochem Carpetclean XL - 5 Litre S800

High concentrate, phosphate free extraction detergent for use in portable and truck mounted extraction machines. Certified to AMS1631A for aircraft carpet cleaning.
£41.76 incl tax

Prochem Fab Clean Fabric Extraction Concentrate - 5 Litre - B145

Upholstery fabric extraction concentrate for use on wet cleanable colourfast fabrics. Contains a unique blend of low foam biodegradable surfactants.
£15.84 incl tax