Pacvac Velo Lightweight Battery Powered Cordless Backpack Vacuum

The Pacvac Velo cordless backpack vacuum cleaner is the ultimate performer delivering high levels of convenience with its compact design and low weight. Developed with advanced battery technology and a 250w brushless motor, this lightweight backpack vacuum only weighs 4.6Kgs.
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Motor: 250W single-stage flow through 36V BLDC
Noise level (at 1.5m): 65dB(A)
Filtration: 4 stage filtration with HEPA filter
Volumetric airflow (max.): 21L/s
Capacity: 2.5L
Weight: 4.6kg (with battery pack, excluding hose)
Batteries (2 batteries per set): 1 set of 18V 6.0Ah (108Wh) lithium-ion batteries
Charge-time: 1h 45min (per set)
Run-time: Up to 50min (per set)
Warranty: 2 years on body and motor, 1 year on batteries and charger

Width: 242mm

Height: 395mm


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