Numatic 1840G Compact Scrubber Dryer

The Numatic TwinTec TT 1840 Mains cable floor care machine has been engineered to substantially reduce size whilst, at the same time, maximise performance and handling.
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Manufacturer: Numatic
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The TT 1840 allows hard floor maintenance in areas previously cleaned by mopping systems, but some 30% faster and to an improved standard.

With its low noise level and unobtrusive appearance this machine will find itself fully at home in many, if not all, commercial environments including- Hospitals, Clinics, Restaurants, Cafeterias, Offices, Bank, Retail environments and hotel lobbies, etc.

Wherever there’s a need for a simple, user-friendly, one-pass cleaning machine the TT1840 will be sure to match, or exceed, your expectations. This machine can be readily moved from Site to Site as the operator handle folds flat for Transit purposes.

The machine is designed to tilt back to allow easy Brush / Pad driver change. Easy access to the squeegee bar for cleaning. 18 Litre Water capacity with a fluid flow of 0.35 Litres per Minute will give you hours of operating time.

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