Shield 3 Way - Formally known as Lifeguard 3 Way). is a daily use phosphoric acid based toilet cleaner It breaks down limescale and will freshen using Odour Neutralising Technology, it removes malodours and leaves a fresh fragrance
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Daily toilet cleaner and descaler Benefits • Powerful phosphoric acid formula kills all known toilet germs • Removes dirt and limescale • Thickened formulation uniformly coats and clings to the surface for easier cleaning • Odour Neutralising Technology neutralises unpleasant odours • Long lasting perfume leaves behind a fresh, clean floral fragrance. • Safe to use on stainless steel and chrome surfaces • Angled nozzle for ease of use Description Shield 3 Way is a daily use toilet cleaner and descaler with an acidic formulation that can overcome the toughest toilet cleaning tasks. The thickened solution uniformly coats and clings to the surface for easier cleaning. The product is safe and versatile for deep cleaning of all toilets and urinals including chrome and stainless steel surfaces, using Odour Neutralising Technology to leave a fresh smelling fragrance. Conveniently packed in one litre bottles, the angled nozzle directs concentrated cleaning power into any hard to reach area.