Prochem Citra-boost 1 LTR B845

Prochem CITRA-BOOST 1 LTR B845 CITRA BOOST is a powerful degreasing additive, designed to boost cleaning power for tougher carpet and fabric cleaning jobs. It contains an advanced blend of cleaning solvents and detergents and can be added to pre-spray, rotary shampoo or extraction detergent solutions.
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CITRA BOOST removes oily and greasy soil, food soil, asphalt and other difficult soiling from fabrics, leaving a pleasant, orange citrus fragrance.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Do not under-dilute or over-apply CITRA BOOST; always pre-test for colour fastness and texture corruption.  

As a carpet and fabric pre-spray additive: add 10-15ml per litre of solution.

As a power injection sprayer additive: add 30ml per litre of solution.

As a portable extractor additive: add 5ml per 10 litres of solution.

As a truck mount additive: add 5-10ml per litre of solution, metered at a rate of 2-4 GPH.

As a carpet rotary shampoo additive: add 5-10ml per litre of solution.