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BAY WEST ECO FOAM SOAP - 800ml 9604 (Case of 8)

Eco-foam is a gentle, pleasantly perfumed hypoallergenic foaming lotion for hand washing. Eco-foam has been certified with the European Eco-label accreditation which means it has met the environmental requirements of the EU ecological label scheme including; minimal impact on aquatic ecosystems, strict requirements in terms of biodegradability, reduced packaging waste.
£74.14 incl tax

BAY WEST BACTERICIDAL FOAM - 800ml (Case of 8) - 9602

This bactericidal foam soap is antiseptic and hypoallergenic for the hygienic washing of hands. Each 800ml refill is quick to replace, and as it's sealed means no mess. Colourless, odourless and effective against H1N1.
£63.30 incl tax

BAY WEST INSTANT SANITIZER FOAM - 800ml 9605 (Case of 8)

The new Instant Sanitizer+ Foam formulation is now effective against Swine Flu. The products new composition means it is no longer alcohol-free, due to the introduction of ethanol into the product ingredients. As well as the H1N1 virus, the sanitizer is also effective against MRSA and E-Coli. Instant Sanitizer+ complies with all relevant EN Standards.
£73.72 incl tax