The Rug Doctor Mighty Pro gives professional results at an affordable price. This carpet cleaning machine, is a very sleek designed unit which maximizes economy and portability.
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The Rug Doctor Mighty Pro has two needle jets to apply a controlled amount of premixed water and detergent solution deep into the carpet pile. The Rug Doctor Mighty Pro machine has a unique bi-directional agitating brush which scrubs the carpet fibres 3200 times a minute, ensuring every fibre is thoroughly cleaned. A powerful vacuum recovers up to 80 per cent of the used cleaning solution. This means the carpet is virtually dry after cleaning. The 9.8 Litre Solution tank delivers enough cleaning solution to cover 118 ft2 of Carpet. More cleaning power. Extensive testing shows that Rug Doctor machines have a higher water recovery rate than other units. Over 80% of the cleaning solution that goes into your carpets instantly comes back out carrying dirt with it. More capacity. Holds more than normal home units and is comparable to many commercial machines without the bulk which means less empty and refill stopages. That makes the whole job faster and easier. Available upholstery attachment is great for upholstered furniture, plus carpet cleaning on stairs, in small hard-to-reach areas or for cars, boats, RVs and other interiors.





Solution Tank: 11.4 litres No. of passes required: 1 pass
Recovery Tank: 14.8 litres Weight: 17.7kg
Brush Width: 25.4cm Solution Flow Rate: 0.55
Brush Type: Vibrating 2-way  Vacuum: 229 air watts
Brush Bristle Length: 28mm Motor: 1200 watts