I-Team Cobotic 1700 Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The co-bot 1700 can be programmed to vacuum spaces as precise and efficiently as possible. With the i-team professional app, you can divide the room into several zones and view day-to-day information. It’s also possible to create virtual boundaries to set up your device as precise as possible. No time for that? The co-bot 1700 can also program itself to perform the most efficient cleaning job.
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The co-botic 1700 can keep working for up to 270 minutes. Want to keep working around the clock? By adding an extra battery to your inventory, you can alternate the batteries and keep working non-stop. Bonus: it can even be used overnight in dark areas without any trouble.

It’s possible to program the co-botic 1700 with the i-team professional app and give it specific cleaning instructions. Alternatively, the co-botic 1700 can program itself to perform the most efficient cleaning job.


Tech specs:

Power rate: 50W

Voltage: 14.4V

Suction Power: 2700Pa/1600Pa (Power) 1200Pa (Standard) 600Pa (Quite)

Run time: 270 minutes

Charge time: 240 minutes