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Gojo ADX-7 Freshberry Foam Hand Wash 700ml - 4 x 700ml

For natural, Spa-inspired hand soap, this Fresh Berry Foam handwash is a perfect choice. Mild enough for frequent use, this plant-based formula lathers to a rich and creamy foam to both clean and replenish the skin. Each wash hydrates and conditions using plant-based glycerine, leaving the hands smooth and subtly scented with a pleasing floral fragrance
£42.36 incl tax

Gojo Antibacterial Foam Soap Refill Cartridge - 2x 1200ml

Gojo Antibacterial Foam Soap conforms to numerous European Standards (EN 1499, 1276, 1040 and 13727) for antiseptic and disinfectant effectiveness. It also provides a smooth foaming experience with every dispense for a touch of luxury. The container is made with Gojo Smart-Flex, a strong, light and recyclable material that uses 30% less plastic than rigid plastic. These cartridges are for use with Gojo LTX-12 dispensers.
£39.54 incl tax

Gojo NXT Deluxe Lotion Soap 1000ml - 8x1000ml

Luxurious lotion soap that cleans hands gently, even with frequent use. For public facilities, offices and general washrooms. Fresh, light floral fragrance.
£47.28 incl tax

Gojo Premium Cranberry Foam Hand Wash - 2x 1200Ml

Provides rich, thick lather for a luxurious handwashing experience. Gentle on skin. Pleasant cranberry fragrance. Translucent purple colour. Refill made with the new Gojo Smart-Flex™ Technology.
£34.99 incl tax

Gojo Purell Instant Hand Sanitiser - 8x 1000Ml

An unprecedented combination. Combining both antimicrobial efficacy and clinically proven maintenance of skin health. Purell® Advanced spearheads a total hand hygiene system that promotes infection control by maximising compliance. A breakthrough 'entire hospital' formulation with exceptional antimicrobial efficacy.
£58.61 incl tax

Gojo Shield Floor & Wall Protector for ADX & LTX Dispensers

The shield protects your walls and floor from soap spills and stains, helping to keep your restroom clean. Easily attaches to the bottom of your dispenser. ADA-Compliant. Fits NXT® 1000-mL dispensers (sold separately)
£3.70 incl tax

Gojo TFX Antimicrobial Hand Soap 2x 1200ml

A smooth foaming handwash with germ killing power. Fragrance free and conforms to EN 1499, EN 1276, EN 1040 and EN 13727. This refill is made with the new Gojo Smart-Flex™ Technology.
£38.88 incl tax