NU-MULTI ODOR RTU - 5 Litre - 039580

Nu-Multi Odor TM is an extremely powerful odour counteractant and drain/ pipe / trap maintainer. This ready to use bacterial formulation eliminates odours and quickly bio- degrades accumulations and other organic residues in grease traps, pipes and drains.
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Nu-Multi Odor TM can be used to mask and treat odours. It can also be used to bio- degrade greasy build-ups and other organic residue in grease traps. Nu-Multi Odorhelps control grease waste and maintain drains/ pipes. The product can also prevent blockages, keeping pipes clear and treat septic tanks, portable toilets and vehicle ablutions. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY.


Benefits of Nu-Multi Odor

  • Masks and elimates odours  
  • Helps control greasy buildups and other residue in grease traps
  • Great for maintaining drains and pipes.
  • Effective problem solver that leaves a nice fragrance behind.
  • Does not coat fibre.
  • Helps reduce common problems in disposable fields.

Environmental benefits

  • Reduced environmental stress
  • Low aquatic toxicity and readily biodegradable (according to OECD 301 series tests)
  • Reduced chemical waste
  • Concentrated product
  • Reduced transportation (GHG) and packaging
  • No VOCs: reduction of sick building syndrome
  • Reduced energy use (effective cleaning without low temperature).

Fits perfectly into any organisation's efforts to be more eco-responsible by going green.

Cleaning tips

  • Always work with clean, well-maintained tools
  • Follow the suggested dilutions
  • Never mix products.